Gustav Klimt, An icon of fin-de-siècle art
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Art & Literature

Gustav Klimt

An icon of fin-de-siècle art

Art & Literature

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Keen to learn but short on time? Find out everything you need to know about
the life and work of Gustav Klimt in just 50 minutes with this straightforward
and engaging guide!

Gustav Klimt was one of the most influential artists of the late 19th and
early 20th centuries, and helped to revolutionise art in his native Austria
through his leading role in the Viennese Secession movement. Works such as The
Kiss are instantly recognisable due to their use of gold leaf; along with
elements such as the use of mosaics, the incorporation of allegory into his
work and the overt sensuality of his female figures, this helped to inaugurate
a new, less conventional style of art in Europe. Although some of Klimt’s work
caused a scandal and was dismissed as “pornographic” when it was first
produced, his paintings were lauded abroad, and a number of them are now
widely recognised as masterpieces.

In this book, you will learn about:
•The artistic landscape of 19th-century Austria and the emergence of the
Vienna Secession
•Klimt’s main works, including his iconic painting The Kiss, and the reception
they received
•His influence on later artists, including Egon Schiele and Friedensreich

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