Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment in Autism - An Update
John Libbey
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Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment in Autism - An Update

John Libbey

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This book provides an update on the progress made in the diagnosis,
neurobiology and pharmacological treatment of autism and the rehabilitation of
sufferers. It looks set to have an influence on professional practices and
thus modernise the approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Autism is a disease caused by an extremely complex neurological development
abnormality which is expressed in a spectrum of phenotypes and is
characterised by changes in normal social interactions and a restricted,
stereotypical and repetitive range of interests and activities. Its
etiopathogenesis remains poorly understood.

It has become evident that the genes responsible interact with environmental
factors but the molecular and pathogenic factors resulting in expression of
these mutations are still not clear. These genes involve several regions of
the brain and not only cause neurotransmitter dysfunction but also affect
other processes. These themes are explored in the first part of the book. The
other chapters cover early intervention, discussing the most appropriate
original rehabilitation methods and the results obtained with identical or
similar protocols in Italian centres. Lastly, psychopharmacological options
and the very common comorbidities are discussed.

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