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Liber Amicorum in Honour of Diana Scarisbrick

A Life in Jewels

Paul Holberton Publishing

This work, published on the 94th birthday of Diana Scarisbrick, honours her
extraordinary career as the ‘world’s leading jewellery historian’. Twenty scholars, most
of whom have known and benefited from Scarisbrick’s vast knowledge over many
decades, have contributed essays to this book.
Liber Amicorum centres around the historian to which it is dedicated, Diana Scarisbrick.
The work of the twenty contributors owes much to her own pioneering research in
the feeled of jewellery history. The book opens with a brief biographical summary of
Scarisbrick’s life before exploring her assiduous work in the field of jewellery history. A
subsequent bibliography of Scarisbrick’s career work is provided which includes articles,
interviews, and books published from 1970 to the present day, and serves as evidence of
her eminence. The work as a whole functions as a ‘small token of appreciation for all that
she has contributed to the world of jewellery history’.
The essays in this publication cover topics that range from Roman jewellery to the
contemporary production of jewellery. Not constrained by a focus on one particular time
period, these essays are indicative of the breadth of influence that Diana Scarisbrick’s
career has had.
Contributions cover several different themes: amongst the objects discussed are
gems, rings, chalices, bindings and crown jewels. The themes covered include jewel theft,
methods of jewellery production, and the collections of individuals. Throughout each
essay the insightful historical research of the contributors is beautifully supported by high
quality illustrations. These bring the book to life, highlighting the splendour and fragility
of some of the objects that are discussed.
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