Theorising in Everyday Nursing Practice, A Critical Analysis
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Theorising in Everyday Nursing Practice

A Critical Analysis

SAGE Publications Ltd

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This original and thought-provoking book provides new insight into the role of
theory within nursing practice. It is rooted in the real-world of practice and
explores how theory and learning manifest in the nursing workplace. The book
takes a fresh look at the major issues of concern in nursing and innovatively
contextualises these within nursing theory. It serves to move the conversation
forward leading to a better appreciation of how nurses constantly learn,
theorise and develop.

Key Features:
Takes practice as the starting point and explores how theory, learning and
practice relate to each other
Based on the authors' primary research exploring how nurses theorise and learn
in the practice environment
A fully original contribution offering fresh perspectives that advance the
nursing theory discourse

It is an ideal book for nursing students wanting to better understand how
theory can help them to learn and develop, practicing nurses looking to
enhance their ongoing professional development as well as anyone involved with
nursing education and research.
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