The Sage Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice
SAGE Publications Ltd
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The Sage Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice

SAGE Publications Ltd

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The SAGE Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice is the first major survey
of innovations in professional practice emerging from a social constructionist
orientation to social science. This key perspective has been unique in its
stimulation of pioneering practices over a broad number of professions. This
volume offers insights into the latest developments in theory, showcases the
range and variations in practical outcomes, while pointing to emerging
directions of development. The Handbook focuses on hands-on practices, while
offering the theoretical tools for further enriching their application.  The
authors are leading figures in their fields, including organizational
development, therapy, healthcare, education, research, and community building.
The volume will be particularly useful for students, scholars, professional
practitioners, and change makers from across the globe.

 PART ONE: Introduction

PART TWO: Research Practices

PART THREE: Practices in Therapeutic Professions

PART FOUR: Practices in Organizational Development

PART FIVE: Practices in Education

PART SIX: Practices in Healthcare

PART SEVEN: Community Practices

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