Vaccination and Preventive Medicine, The Story of Bacteriology
LMP–History and Civilization Coll
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Vaccination and Preventive Medicine

The Story of Bacteriology

LMP–History and Civilization Coll

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This book deals with the Story of Bacteriology and presents a history of
Vaccination and Preventive Medicine.

"The story of bacteriology can best be told by recounting the labors of
Pasteur, for while bacteria were known and theories of infection had been
elaborated and vaccination practiced before his time, it was he who definitely
established the importance of bacteria in putrefaction, fermentation and
disease, and gave to vaccination a scientific basis. The influence of these
labors is compatible in medicine only to that of Virchow in his field and is
as great as that exerted in general biology by Darwin's researches. The story
of rapid sequence of Pasteur's brilliant discoveries in science, each of
crucial importance and establishing a new principle have, I believe, no
parallel in biology or, for that matter, any other science. But before
presenting Pasteur's labors it is necessary to outline the knowledge of
bacteria and the theories of fermentation, infection and allied processes
which were current at the beginning of his era..."

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