The SAGE Handbook of Geographical Knowledge
SAGE Publications Ltd
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The SAGE Handbook of Geographical Knowledge

SAGE Publications Ltd

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A refreshingly innovative approach to charting geographical knowledge. A wide
range of authors trace the social construction and contestation of
geographical ideas through the sites of their production and their relational
geographies of engagement. This creative and comprehensive book offers an
extremely valuable tool to professionals and students alike.
**_\- Victoria Lawson, University of Washington_**

"A Handbook that recasts geograph's history in original, thought-provoking
ways. Eschewing the usual chronological march through leading figures and big
ideas, it looks at geography against the backdrop of the places and
institutional contexts where it has been produced, and the social-cum-
intellectual currents underlying some of its most important concepts."
**_\- Alexander B. Murphy, University of Oregon_**

**__The SAGE Handbook of Geographical Knowledge** is a critical inquiry into
how geography as a field of knowledge has been produced, re-produced, and re-

It comprises three sections on geographical orientations, geography's venues,
and critical geographical concepts and controversies. The first provides an
overview of the genealogy of "geography". The second highlights the types of
spatial settings and locations in which geographical knowledge has been
produced. The third focuses on venues of primary importance in the historical
geography of geographical thought.

* **Orientations** includes chapters on: Geography - the Genealogy of a Term; Geography's Narratives and Intellectual History ****
* **Geography's Venues** includes chapters on: Field; Laboratory; Observatory; Archive; Centre of Calculation; Mission Station; Battlefield; Museum; Public Sphere; Subaltern Space; Financial Space; Art Studio; Botanical/Zoological Gardens; Learned Societies ****
* **Critical concepts and controversies** \- includes chapters on: Environmental Determinism; Region; Place; Nature and Culture; Development; Conservation; Geopolitics; Landscape; Time; Cycle of Erosion; Time; Gender; Race/Ethnicity; Social Class; Spatial Analysis; Glaciation; Ice Ages; Map; Climate Change; Urban/Rural.

Comprehensive without claiming to be encyclopedic, textured and nuanced, this
**Handbook** will be a key resource for all researchers with an interest in
the pasts, presents and futures of geography.

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