Using Diaries for Social Research
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Using Diaries for Social Research

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`The book has no competitor; it summarises the development of the method,
follows through all stages of research from accessing subjects through design
to analysing diary information as data, and considers how the method can best
be exploited and used. No other book comes remotely near doing this. I for one
shall be using it gratefully as the single best text for diary research' -
**_Professor Anthony P Macmillan Coxon, Honorary Professorial Fellow,
University of Edinburgh


In this accessible and lucid introductory text, Andy Alaszewski considers the
analysis of diaries as a distinctive research technique in its own right.
Nothing has previously covered this area in single-volume format, but the
timely emergence of **Using Diaries for Social Research** recognizes the
increased interest in and relevance of diary methodology within social
research teaching.

Effectively combining theory, history and methodology, Alaszewski begins by
discussing how diary keeping has developed; outlining the key features of the
medium and examining the ways in which diaries have been and can be used for
social research. He describes how suitable diaries and diarists can be
identified by the researcher and, once found, how these diaries can be
structured to generate research material. Finally, the researcher is taken
through the analysis stage; examining statistical techniques, content-analysis
and structure-analysis as effective methods of investigating diary texts.

This introductory student guide is an essential text for anyone involved in
the area of social or historical research and for those working in the
narrative tradition.

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