Grow Organic in Cartoons, English Edition
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Grow Organic in Cartoons

English Edition

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The bible of modern organic gardening in graphic format. Because a good
illustration speaks volumes.

Welcome to a more ecologically balanced way of growing! With plenty of humour
and lots of precise details, this book shows you how to create and maintain a
well-designed, eco-responsible garden.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about compost, plant propagation and
the little creatures and practices that contribute to the well-being of plant
and planet alike – practices designed for growing delicious, healthy fruit and
vegetables, as well as superb flowers.

Bokashi and biodynamic composting, permaculture, vortex, bioponics and a host
of other terms and techniques appear in vivid, practical detail.

Based on the work of Karel the Gardener, Pic’s illustrations highlight the
very essence of gardening: delight. First, the delight of enjoying the book!
Then the delight of cultivating, watching things grow, harvesting and
savouring. And finally, the delight of knowing that all these techniques help
protect the planet.

A vast compendium of innovative methods and tried-and-trusted gardening
advice, this entertaining guide is a must for any gardener who wishes to grow
in good conscience.

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