The SAGE Handbook of Biogeography
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The SAGE Handbook of Biogeography

SAGE Publications Ltd

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"A superb resource for understanding the diversity of the modern discipline of biogeography, and its history and future, especially within geography departments. I expect to refer to it often."
- Professor Sally Horn, University of Tennessee
"As you browse through this fine book you will be struck by the diverse topics that biogeographers investigate and the many research methods they use.... Biogeography is interdisciplinary, and a commonly-voiced concern is that one biogeographer may not readily understand another's research findings. A handbook like this is important for synthesising, situating, explaining and evaluating a large literature, and pointing the reader to informative publications."
- Geographical Research
"A valuable contribution in both a research and teaching context. If you are biologically trained, it provides an extensive look into the geographical tradition of biogeography, covering some topics that may be less familiar to those with an evolution/ecology background. Alternatively, if you are a geography student, researcher, or lecturer, it will provide a useful reference and will be invaluable to the non-biogeographer who suddenly has the teaching of an introductory biogeography course thrust upon them."
- Adam C. Algar, Frontiers of Biogeography
The SAGE Handbook of Biogeography is a manual for scoping the past, present and future of biogeography that enable readers to consider, where relevant, how similar biogeographical issues are tackled by researchers in different 'schools'. In line with the concept of all SAGE Handbooks, this is a retrospective and prospective overview of biogeography that will:

Consider the main areas of biogeography researched by geographers
Detail a global perspective by incorporating the work of different schools of biogeographers
Ecplore the divergent evolution of biogeography as a discipline and consider how this diversity can be harnessed
Examine the interdisciplinary debates that biogeographers are contributing to within geography and the biological sciences.

Aimed at an international audience of research students, academics, researchers and practitioners in biogeography, the text will attract interest from environmental scientists, ecologists, biologists and geographers alike.

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