Better understanding China
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Better understanding China

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China is amazing. Yet, the impression of being helpless to grasp the finer points of the Middle Kingdom is often overwhelming and the authors wanted to explain some basic tenets of Chinese history and society by providing 10 keys to better understand the Asian giant. From Chinese characters to ancient traditions, this essay captures many of the economic, political, societal and cultural issues of today's China.

Be it with brands or in institutions, in family or business life, communication is a key starting point to build relationships and succeed. While China intends to regain her prominence thanks to the New Silk Road, our differences are numerous, misunderstandings abundant. True, new technologies have made it easier to communicate, but we often find ourselves in difficulty due to poor mutual comprehension.

The authors write regularly for Forbes and the Huffpost and they deemed it important to offer a synthetic and comparative analysis of the challenges facing better ties between the West and China.”

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