Obsessed, Decode the data landscape. Reboot your sales and marketing. Prepare for the era of AI
Die Keure Publishing
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Decode the data landscape. Reboot your sales and marketing. Prepare for the era of AI

Die Keure Publishing

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**Being obsessed with positive change and ideas can propel us to extraordinary
achievements and can be a fantastic positive driver of change.**

In the age of AI wired consumers with irrationally high demands, we need to be
obsessed with creating smooth, differentiated, relevant, exciting customer
experiences and frictionless customer services. Any of those interactions
should be driven by customer data - the pulse of every customer’s unique
heartbeat, and an organisation that has adopted new methodologies, processes,
and technology platforms.
In Obsessed, we demystify the complex world of data and sales and marketing
technology. We answer questions like: How do you build a data culture and
strategy? How can you be more intentional about the technology foundation you
choose to improve your marketing and sales engine across the customer
lifecycle. How do you create an obsession for the right metrics that focus on
value? How do you infuse Artifical Intelligence capabilities into your
organization? Can you see GDPR as an enabler?
Finally, we need a cultural paradigm shift in dealing with marketing
technology and applying it to marketing and sales scenarios. An obsession with
long term thinking and customer relationships based on value rather than short
term. And that’s when you truly start rebooting your revenue engine.


**Marc Bresseel**  started his professional career at IBM and subsequently
grew further while at Microsoft. He was fortunate to kick off the Microsoft
online services MSN, Hotmail, and Messenger as one of the early internet
pioneers in Belgium. He managed the sales and marketing activities for MSN and
Microsoft online services in the EMEA markets and became Global CMO for
Microsoft Advertising. After sixteen years at Microsoft, Marc managed the top
14 markets for IPG Mediabrands. In 2014 he became a founding partner of Duval
Union, an organization that provides business & marketing consulting, and
marketing & communication execution to brands.

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