The Witnesses to the Historicity of Jesus
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The Witnesses to the Historicity of Jesus

Literature and Knowledge Publishing

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In view of the vagueness, effectiveness, and vulnerability of the evangelical
accounts of Jesus, as far as his historical reality is concerned, the
witnesses in non-Christian literature have always occupied a prominent place
in the question of his historicity. As early as the first few centuries of the
present era pious Christians searched the Jewish and pagan writers for
references to Jesus, convinced that such references ought to be found in them;
they regarded with great concern the undeniable defects of tradition, and, in
the interest of their faith, endeavoured to supply the want by more or less
astute “pious frauds,” such as the Acts of Pilate, the letter of Jesus to King
Abgar Ukkama of Edessa, the letter of Pilate to Tiberius, and similar
forgeries. Greater still was the reliance on the few passages in profane
literature which seemed to afford some confirmation of the historical truth of
the things described in the gospels. As these so-called non-Christian
witnesses are again brought forward to rebut the denial of the historicity of
Jesus, in the discussion which has followed the appearance of _The Christ
Myth_ , and are even pressed upon us as decisive testimony, we must make a
comprehensive inquiry into the value of those references in profane writers
which seem to support the belief in an historical Jesus.
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