The Apostles, History of the Christianity
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The Apostles

History of the Christianity

LM Publishers

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This book treats of the History of the Christianity and the Apostles.

The first book of our ‘ _History of the Origins of Christianity’_ brought us
down to the death and burial of Jesus; and we must now resume the subject at
the point where we left it—that is to say, on Saturday, the fourth of April,
in the year 33. The work will be for some time yet a sort of continuation of
the life of Jesus. Next to the glad months, during which the great Founder
laid the bases of a new order of things for humanity, these few succeeding
years were the most decisive in the history of the world. It is still Jesus,
who, by the holy fire kindled in the hearts of a few friends from the spark He
himself has placed there, creates institutions of the highest originality,
stirs and transforms souls, and impresses on everything His divine seal. It
shall be ours to show how, under this influence, always active and victorious
over death, the doctrines of faith in the resurrection, in the influence of
the Holy Spirit, in the gift of tongues, and in the power of the Church,
became firmly established. We shall describe the organization of the Church of
Jerusalem, its first trials, and its first triumphs, and the earliest missions
to which it gave birth. We shall follow Christianity in its rapid progress
through Syria as far as Antioch, where it established a second capital in some
respects more important than Jerusalem, and destined, even, to supplant the
latter. In this new centre, where converted heathen were in the majority, we
shall see Christianity separate itself definitively from Judaism, and receive
a name of its own; and we shall note, above all, the birth of the grand idea
of distant missions destined to carry the name of Jesus throughout the Gentile
world. We shall pause at the solemn moment when Paul, Barnabas, and Mark
depart to carry this great design into execution; and then, interrupting for a
while our narrative, we shall cast a glance at the world which these brave
missionaries sought to convert. We shall endeavor to give an account of the
intellectual, political, moral, religious, and social condition of the Roman
Empire at about the year 45, the probable date of the departure of St. Paul on
his first mission.

Such is the scope of this second book which we have called _The Apostles_ ,
because it is devoted to that period of common action, during which the little
family created by Jesus acted in concert and was grouped morally around a
single point—Jerusalem...
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