Reversions in Modern Industrial Life
Literature and Knowledge Publishing
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Reversions in Modern Industrial Life

Literature and Knowledge Publishing

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Reversions in Modern Industrial Life.

If the law of reversion holds true of physical life, it holds equally true of
industrial life. Under its operation is revived the career of institutions as
indicative of conditions long passed away as any deformity that may once have
saved from extinction a race of brutes. However useful in the elevation of man
from degradation and savagery, they contributed, after the completion of their
purpose, no further service than one of evil. To many social reformers, the
legislation in revival of the old trade and professional corporations, whose
noble achievements fill one of the lighter pages of history, seems important
and beneficent. But an error more alluring and dangerous was never current.
Such legislation will not, as Herbert Spencer has often shown, further human
welfare. On the contrary, it will undo the work of civilization, and renew the
ravages of barbarism...

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