Imaging at High Angular Resolution of Stellar Surfaces and Close Environment, Evry Schatzman School 2017
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Imaging at High Angular Resolution of Stellar Surfaces and Close Environment

Evry Schatzman School 2017

EDP Sciences

EDP Sciences Proceedings

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Imaging at high angular resolution (HRA) is a flourishing discipline. High performance instruments like the spectro-polarimeter SPHERE at VLT/ESO has recently been implemented. A harvest of splendid results is continuously coming from interferometry with PIONIER, MATISSE, and now GRAVITY (all at VLTI/ESO), VEGA and JouFlu (CHARA), and at longer wavelengths with ALMA at VLTI/ESO and NOEMA/IRAM. The future is already underway with the very close launch of JWST/NASA, and the development of ELT at ESO. HRA provides a unique way to study regions of stellar formation, proto-planetary discs as well as the surfaces of stars and their environments. This volume offers lectures given by world experts in the field during the EvrySchatzman School on Stellar Physics (EES 2017) held in Roscoff, France. The addressed topics include a course of introduction to optical/IR interferometry covering the history and basic principles, a course on diffraction-dominated observational astronomy, and a course presenting the principles and instrumentation of optical long baseline interferometry. This book will be a valuable reference for researchers and students in the coming years.

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