The South American Republics : History of Bolivia
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The South American Republics : History of Bolivia

Literature and Knowledge Publishing

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From its Conquest to the Independence, this book deals with the History of

"Between latitudes fourteen and a half and twenty-three and a half, the mighty
Andean chain is massed into a plateau five hundred miles wide, over twelve
thousand feet high, and interspersed with a complex system of mountains and
ridges, parallel, transverse, and interlaced. Geographers estimate that this
central portion of the Andean system contains nearly five hundred thousand
cubic miles of matter above sea level, and that it would, cover the entire
area of South America to an average depth of four hundred feet. The great
ranges which stretch north to the Caribbean and south to Cape Horn are mere
arms of this massive elevation of the earth, the highest and largest in the
new world. Within a few miles of the coast rises a lofty and continuous range
of mountains which can be scaled only over a few passes, none of which fall
far below fourteen thousand feet. From the top a vast plateau stretches to the
lofty chain which forms the inland rim of the Andean massif. This plateau is
Bolivia...The country was in early days simply a portion of the empire of the
Incas of Peru. After the conquest of Peru by the Spaniards in the 16th century
the natives were subjected to much tyranny and oppression, though it must in
fairness be said that much of it was carried out in defiance of the efforts
and the wishes of the Spanish home government, whose legislative efforts to
protect the Indians from serfdom and ill-usage met with scant respect at the
hands of the distant settlers and mine-owners, who bid defiance to the humane
and protective regulations of the council of the Indies, and treated the
unhappy natives little better than beasts of burden.... "

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