Creative Paris. Urban interiors & Inspiring innovators
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Creative Paris. Urban interiors & Inspiring innovators


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So, you’ve visited the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Coeur, and the Louvre. You sampled
buttery croissants, 365 cheeses, and the bubbliest of champagnes. Think you’ve
seen it all? Well … not quite. You brushed right past the real Paris. The one
that will make your heart skip a beat. The one hidden behind Haussmannian
façades and tucked beneath zinc rooftops—inside, where true Parisians live,
work, entertain, dream, and create. For the past decade, French online
phenomenon My Little Paris has divulged the city’s best kept secrets in
fashion, food, housewares, and lifestyle to their dedicated followers. Now,
this creative team of dynamic entrepreneurs takes us inside their homes and
workplaces, sharing Paris’s freshest interior inspiration. More than thirty
spaces—each brimming with Parisian chic—reveal their singular style and are
replete with ideas for sparking creativity. In a relaxed apartment on the edge
of the Canal Saint Martin, an aquamarine wall complements a matching retro
fridge and coffee mugs, all in the same hue. Bird cages, vinyl records, and
colorful kimonos coexist harmoniously with vintage photographs, vibrant
African wax cushions, and contemporary art. In an 11th arrondissement
apartment, a pair of silver Margiela designer boots, plush orange bomber
jacket, and hot pink visor pepper the furniture, in a riot of fashion showroom
style. An old carousel factory in Montmartre houses the My Little Paris
office, with a “dream room,” green wall, and rooftop terrace-with-a-view. Each
location offers a place to recharge your batteries, slip into airplane mode,
and kick-start ideas. Step inside the My Little Paris universe, where
creativity is a watchword and visionary thinking is a daily event.

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