The Remedies of Nature
Editions Le Mono
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The Remedies of Nature

Editions Le Mono

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"The organism of the human body is a self-regulating apparatus. If a grain of
caustic potash irritates the nerves of the palate, the salivary glands try to
remove it by an increased secretion. The eye would wash it off by an immediate
flow of tears. A larger quantity of the same substance could be swallowed only
under the protest of the fauces, and the digestive organs would soon find
means to eject it. The bronchial tubes promptly react against the obtrusion of
foreign substances. The sting of an insect causes an involuntary twitching of
the epidermis. If a thorn or splinter fastens itself under the skin,
suppuration prepares the way for its removal. If the stomach be overloaded
with food, it revolts against further ingestion...
To this self-regulating tendency of the living organism, certain disorders
oppose a life-energy of their own, and have thus far resisted the influence of
hygienic or non-medicinal remedies..."

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