Intelligence of Elephants
Human and Literature Publishing
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Intelligence of Elephants

Human and Literature Publishing

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This book deals with the intelligence of the elephants, their emotions and

The higher mental faculties of the elephant are more advanced in their
development than in any other animal, except the dog and monkey...

“The elephant is the largest living land animal. Though numerous forms existed
in early geological times, it is represented today by two species only: the
African elephant, and the Asiatic elephant.

The African elephant differs from its Asiatic cousin in several particulars.
The apparent distinguishing features are the tusks that attain a much greater
development and occur in both sexes, while in the Asiatic species the males
alone possess them. The African elephant is at least a foot higher than the
Asiatic, attaining a maximum height of eleven feet. Its ears are extremely
large, covering the shoulder, and in some instances measuring three and a half
feet in length by two and a half feet in width, while those of its Indian
relative are comparatively small.”...
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