Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War
Alicia Éditions
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Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War

Alicia Éditions

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A classic work of crowd psychology.

Based on the ideas of Gustave Le Bon, Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War
was very influential in the development of group dynamics and crowd
psychology. This book is certain to be of marked interest to every student of
human nature. Trotter's writings about herd mentality are still considered by
some to represent a breakthrough in the understanding of group behaviour. The
general purpose of this book is to suggest that the science of psychology is
not the mass of dreary and indefinite generalities of which it sometimes
perhaps seems to be made up; to suggest that, especially when studied in
relation to other branches of biology, it is capable of becoming a guide in
the actual affairs of life and of giving an understanding of the human mind
such as may enable us in a practical and useful way to foretell some of the
course of human behaviour. Wilfred Trotter gives us a great insight to mass
psychology, to discover how leaders think and influence people, to understand
how the masses are easily manipulated.
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